human rights, freedom and democracy through culture

"I’m thankful for those who support us. We just want to go back to study." – Lidia (15) Mykolaiv, Ukraine

"There is a specific cell for the dead bodies. If they want you to die they will put you there." – Mohammed, victim of torture, Syria

Good people for change

awareness, understanding, engagement

We are an organisation at the confluence of human rights, freedom and democracy with culture. Our work fights marginalisation, injustice and oppression through impact campaigns, educational and public engagement, infusing our strategic activism with creativity and innovation. We are guided by fundamental universal values in the same heartbeat with compassion and solidarity across borders.

We believe in dialogue and empowerment as means to raising awareness, enhancing understanding and fostering engagement with the broader society and local communities, with the aim of nudging the world towards a better future – we are

Good people for change.

We focus on educational, dialogue-based and cultural engagement



Our second name

Our engagements are rooted in collaboration, and we recognize the immense value in bringing together diverse perspectives, experiences and expertise to create something truly remarkable. Working together with is an essential aspect of our creative process along with in-depth dialogue. Therefore, we invest in deep connections with communities and our partners. Shared ownership and investment in both processes and results also lead to the creation of a meaningful and impactful experience for everyone involved.

diverse competencies

The Good people team

We assemble a strong team of capabilities that complement each other to create the best conditions for our engagements. This ensures that, with complementary experiences, knowledge and skills, we can achieve the best possible results while also benefiting from the synergy of our team. We combine strategic expertise with visual competencies, including specialised experts in governance, human rights and accountability.