advocating for fundamental universal values

In today’s world, the pillars of democracy, freedom, human rights and civil society are facing unprecedented challenges and threats. Across the globe, we witness the erosion of democratic principles, the suppression of basic freedoms and the diminishing space for civil society to operate and advocate for change.


From government crackdowns on dissenting voices to the rise of authoritarian regimes, the very foundations of democracy are being undermined, threatening the rules-based international order itself.


The rights of individuals to express themselves freely, participate in peaceful protests, and hold those in power accountable are increasingly under attack. Marginalised communities, including minorities, women and other vulnerable individuals, often bear the brunt of these assaults on democracy and their rights. Their voices are silenced, their rights are restricted or abused, and their opportunities for meaningful participation in society are limited.


Human rights and democracy are at the heart of all of our engagements, mainstreamed throughout our portfolio. At the same time, we also dedicate specific campaigns to core rights and values, shedding light on pressing social and democratic policy issues, raising awareness about human rights violations, and advocating for justice and equality.

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