sharing knowledge and learning

We believe in direct, unmediated interaction between communities and its power in forging genuine connections as a way of advancing fundamental universal values and at the same time fostering compassion and solidarity. By creating awareness, understanding and thus civic engagement through a variety of means – all rooted in the belief that only protecting and promoting the universal fundamental values of human rights, freedom and democracy – we offer a chance for a better, more sustainable future for humanity and the planet.


The Good people team has significant experience in bringing communities together and facilitating powerful personal exchanges, particularly among the youth. Participants discover different cultures, broadening personal perspectives and their exposure to global issues, also improving communication skills.


The fact is that we have limited access to, insight into, knowledge and understanding of each other's worlds and realities, and we make it our mission to address this by enabling deeper connections and exchanges between groups – both within and across borders. We use a variety of means, tailoring them to specific audiences and the contexts of those interacting, using both technology and culture as means to enhancing awareness, increase understanding and foster engagement.


Recognising youth’s potential as change agents, we facilitate their interaction across borders, enabling dialogue and knowledge sharing – exchanges that can help shape future generations of decision makers, active society members and world citizens who are dedicated to promoting and protecting the fundamental universal values.

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