Cultural engagement

taking information to communities through culture

Good people specialises in creating exhibitions, art installations and events in public spaces. We curate unique engagements that foster dialogue and leave a lasting impact on diverse audiences, ranging from large cities to remote villages. In our team, we have previous experience with producing and installing over 80 projects in city centre squares, universities, festivals, museums and urban streets throughout the world.


Our designs aim to engage, provoke thought and motivate audiences, serving the purpose of creating awareness, educating, providing perspectives, and prompting reflection and discussion on sensitive societal and democratic policy issues. The art we produce serves as a window, offering passers-by and visitors insight into topics that may be otherwise inaccessible or lesser known.


While art in galleries or museums typically reaches a smaller audience, placing art in public spaces allows us to reach a broader spectrum of people, including those who may not usually visit traditional exhibition venues. Art in public spaces is accessible 24/7 and can be strategically located where large audiences congregate or pass through, maximising its impact.

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